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2. MICOLLAC 2016 Paper: Teaching Writing to Beginning-level Learners (Content of Presentation in Paper Form, with Appendix of Bonus Templates, etc.)

02 February 2010

ELT - J Issue #2 Preview (First issue of 2010)

Issue 2 of ELT in Japan will consist of four articles:

1.  Teaching English [l] sounds vs. [r] sounds: Integrating applied phonology into the EFL classroom

2.  Devising multiple-choice questions, quizzes and tests

3.  Semantic mapping activities for the speaking class

4.  Semantic mapping activities for the writing class

Issue 2 of ELT in Japan is scheduled to be published before the end of February 2010.

Meanwhile, if you haven't already, check out issue 1, which was published in December 2009.


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