18 November 2017

Get FREE inspection copy of EFL textbook (for teachers in Japan)

The textbook is Core English for Global Communication.

The Japanese title is 自己表現のためのコア英語. 

It will be published by Asahi Press in 2018.

It is an EFL book that covers all skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing) in support of discussions. It is intended mostly for students at beginning to intermediate level, but it can be adapted to more advanced levels as well.

You can get inspection copies at this preview page for the textbook at Asahi's site.

This link is to preview the textbook. Your browser will need Flash plug-in.

Preview page for the textbook

The next link is where you can place an order for an inspection copy. You will have to navigate the order page in Japanese.

Link to order an inspection copy of the book from Asahi

Alternatively, send me an e-mail and I will forward your request to Asahi.
I will need your name, organization / affiliation, and mailing address.

Send your request to this e-mail:

The contents of the textbook (unit themes, discussion topics) are as follows:

    Unit 1 : Hometown
    Unit 2 : Student Life---Studies
    Unit 3 : Student Life---Free Time
    Unit 4 : Mealtime
    Unit 5 : Health
    Unit 6 : Leisure
    Unit 7 : Work
    Unit 8 : Shopping
    Unit 9 : The Seasons
    Unit 10 : The Weather
    Unit 11 : Food and Culture
    Unit 12 : Technology
    Unit 13 : Travel
    Unit 14 : Eating Out
    Unit 15 : Pets

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