18 July 2010

Teaching English and Language Blogs

Teaching English and Language Blogs
Find out what "teaching English abroad" really entails, and where to find the best opportunities, as well as how to reach out to foreign students.
  1. Aclipse.net: English teachers working in Asia blog here about their experiences.
  2. Footprints Recruiting Teacher Blogs: English teachers traveling around the world blog for this site.
  3. Abroad Languages Blog: This blog shares tips for learning languages while working or studying abroad, or when preparing to go.
  4. The TEFL Blog: This TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) blog shares packing tips, and offers help for picking a country to teach in and inspiration and encouragement for those thinking about teaching abroad.
  5. Ted’s TEFLnewbie: Ted’s blog is a great resource for learning about teaching English to foreign language students, earning extra income, teaching business English, and more.
  6. ITTO Blog: Learn about getting TEFL certified, transitioning to your new home, and ITTO courses.
  7. Teaching English in Korea: Here you’ll find tips for and stories about teaching English in Korea, and what it’s like to live abroad.
  8. My Life! Teaching in a Korean University: This enthusiastic blogger teaches at a Korean University but includes good tips and insight about teaching abroad in general.
  9. Thailand Delights: This blog is maintained by a TEFL teacher in Thailand who’s embraced a more simple way of life.
  10. honor’s Blog: Honor’s posts like "5 Big Mistakes New TEFL Teachers Make" and "The Truth about Teaching English Abroad" provide real, practical tips for teachers abroad and those thinking about joining the community.
  11. You Can Teach English: This blog features interviews with English teachers working in Italy, Colombia, China, Thailand and elsewhere.

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