30 May 2010

TEFL Net's 'TEFL Inspire' has a lot of material and discussions relevant to the English teacher in Japan.

TEFL Net's 'TEFL Inspire' has a lot of material and discussions relevant to the English teacher in Japan. 


TEFL Help Desk by Lucy ESL Help Desk

Phonemic alphabet

Q: Hi Lucy: I am a foreign teacher of English in a language centre in Turkey. I am teaching the young learners and adult programmes. Because Turkish students are so particular about the translation of the English words to Turkish, I usually board them (both). Then I go through the pronunication with them without giving them phonemic alphabet. I will do the drilling with the whole class and then again with smaller groups. What is your thought about this? Do you think I should write down the phonemic alphabet? I would think the students will be more confused....

A: Dear Jo: For older children (eg teens) and for adults, you could start introducing phonetic symbols. You could start with the schwa and with sounds your students find...

Phonemic alphabet?
ESL Lessonplan 

ESL Lesson PlanTalking Point: Flags
A lesson on the little-covered topic of "Flags" and associated words and phrases (e.g banner). Students discuss questions such as "What do the colours in your national flag represent?" in a fluency activity before moving on to discover expressions and idioms connected with the word "flag". For example, "to flag down (a car)" and "to wave a white flag". Further opportunities for fluency practice are  provided with stimulating questions such as "Why do people sometimes "
Worksheet & Teachers Notes

Talking Point worksheets are designed for pre-intermediate and above levels. They are printer-friendly and come with Teaching Suggestions and answers.
Quick Quiz Word 
Up - the ESL board game

Which is organic?

a) a pearl
b) a ruby
c) an emerald

See end of newsletter for answer.
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Book Review 

Elevator International 2
Reviewed by: Clare Welch

A visually appealing course, comprehensive for students and teachers alike

How to Teach ListeningThis new Pre-Intermediate book from Richmond is visually impressive and up to date. The bright pages draw the student and teacher in and there are a range of practice activities, both receptive and productive throughout the 3 double-spread sections that make up each unit. Sounds good? I thought so!

The course is traditional in its PPP approach, and the "Elevator" theme is expanded with each unit having 1st and 2nd 'Floors' offering language presentations and guided practice through mainly receptive tasks. The 3rd 'Floor' offers a task-based activity more freely practising the language learnt. After every 2 Units there is a Revision stage, useful for summarising the grammar and vocabulary covered and re-focusing...

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Word Up, a fun ESL board game Answer to Quick Quiz

a) a pearl

This is a level 5 question from Word Up, the ESL board game that's fun to play in class.

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