01 March 2010

March 2010 issue of 'Asian EFL Journal' available online and in .pdf for download

ELT-J recommends this online publication. 


Asian EFL Journal
March 2010
Volume 12 Issue 1

We also introduce this volume in MS Word E-book format.
Pp1 - Pp301 PDF

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Roger Nunn

Article 1. Mojtaba Maghsodi. Type of Task and Type of Dictionary in Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition

Article 2. Azadeh Nemati. Active and Passive Vocabulary Knowledge: The Effect of Years of Instruction

Article 3. Jeng-yih Tim Hsu. The Effects of Collocation Instruction on the Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Learning of College English Majors

Article 4. Faith A. Brown. Vocabulary Knowledge and Comprehension in Second Language Text Processing: A Reciprocal Relationship?

Article 5. Colin McDonald & Scott McRae. A pre-trial collection and investigation of what perceptions and attitudes of Konglish exist amongst foreign and Korean English language teachers in terms of English education in Korea

Article 6. Indika Liyanage, Peter Grimbeek, & Fiona Bryer. Relative cultural contributions of religion and ethnicity to the language learning strategy choices of ESL students in Sri Lankan and Japanese high schools

Article 7. Chi Cheung Ruby Yang. Teacher Questions in Second Language Classrooms: An Investigation of Three Case Studies

Article 8. Long Van Nguyen. Computer Mediated Collaborative Learning within a Communicative Language Teaching Approach:A Sociocultural Perspective

Article 9. Mansoor Tavakoli. Investigating the relationship between Self-assessment and teacher-assessment in a academic contexts

Article 10. Lisha Wang. An investigation of the Current State of College Teachers' Teaching Quality and Teacher Development

Book Reviews

1. Ilona Leki, Alister Cumming, & Tony Silva. A synthesis of research on second language writing in English

2. Anne O'Keeffe, Michael McCarthy, and Ronald Carter. From Corpus to Classroom: Language Use and Language Teaching

3. Helen, Spencer-Oatey (Ed.) E-Learning initiatives in China: Pedagogy, policy and culture

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