16 February 2010

Getting an e-mail subscription to ELT-J

People have asked about getting updates mailed to their chosen e-mail address--either as a supplement or in place of the Web 2.0 'feeds' (RSS, Atom), which push updated content into your 'reader' program (e.g., Yahoo Reader, Google Reader, or something your e-mail program or web browser gives you) or onto personalized web pages (e.g., Igoogle and MyYahoo). The persistent usefulness of e-mail can not be denied. 

As far as I can tell, Blogger doesn't have an e-mail subscription service native to it. I had been using a free service for one of my blogs, but I didn't like the fact that I couldn't control the ads in it, so I dropped it.

One fix is possible, IF you have a google account.

If you have a google account (and do things like gmail, googledocs, Buzz, etc.), you can set up a search as a feed that is then pushed to your e-mail address. Here is how:

1. Go to:


2. Create a Google Alert.

3. Enter the topic you wish to monitor:

Search terms: site:eltinjapan.blogspot.com
Type: Blogs  
How often: choose  
Email length: choose  
Deliver to: your address

You then will get delivered to your an e-mail that looks like this (this sample is from a subscription to another blog I do, Japan Higher Education Outlook):


Google Blogs Alert for: site:japanheo.blogspot.com
JAPAN HIGHER EDUCATION OUTLOOK: Makeover for Japan Higher ...
Announcing a complete renovation of Japan Higher Education Outlook. I have tried to un-clutter and streamline the look, in hopes that it makes the publication more reader- and web-friendly. Please note that the main body appears on the ...
JAPAN HIGHER EDUCATION OUTLOOK - http://japanheo.blogspot.com/
Japan HEO recommends Google Chrome browser for viewing and creating blogs such as this. It's faster and ultimately it will help you to integrate various features and services into your daily computing and web activities (such as Blogger ...
JAPAN HIGHER EDUCATION OUTLOOK - http://japanheo.blogspot.com/

 This as-it-happens Google Alert is brought to you by Google.

Remove this alert.
Create another alert.
Manage your alerts.

For more help and technical support on how to create an e-mail subscription to a google search, see:


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