24 February 2010

Different cultures and language speakers 'read' faces differently

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The Japanese Read Your Feelings in Your Eyes, the Americans by Your Mouth
Huge cultural differences

By Stefan Anitei, Science Editor

11th of May 2007, 10:39 GMT

The culture we belong to dictates each and every of our gestures. Also, a real cultural abyss has been revealed in the way we appreciate facial expressions amongst cultures. "For instance, in Japan, people tend to look to the eyes for emotional cues, whereas Americans tend to look to the mouth," said researcher Masaki Yuki, a behavioral scientist at Hokkaido University in Japan.

"This could be because the Japanese, when in the presence of others, try to suppress their emotions more than Americans do. In any case, the eyes are more difficult to control than the mouth, so they probably provide better clues about a person's emotional state even if he or she is trying to hide it", explained Yuki.
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