17 December 2009

Preview of future issues of 'ELT-J Online Magazine'

Preview of future issues of ELT-J Online Magazine:

1. Vocabulary activities for the conversation class.
2. Vocabulary activities for the writing class.
3. Teaching English /l/ vs. /r/ (applied phonology).
4. Introducing a different sort of audio-visual electronic dictionary for FL learning.
5. Variations of the multiple-choice vocabulary question for FL practice and assessment.
6. A look at schema theory and its applications for ELT.
7. A look at 'phonemic awareness'--what it is and how it applies to ELT.
8. Analysis of the issue 'phonics vs. whole language' from an ELT perspective.  

All these and more are under development for publication at ELT-J.


  1. Perhaps if English learners were presented with a phonetic guide that is English friendly they would see how to pronounce English much more easily. This is done via the free converter at truespel.com. Also, the URL converter there shows websites respelled in phonetics. English is respelled phonetically in truespel.

  2. The problem is getting everyone to use truespel.

    It's a nice idea and a nice compromise between phonetic and phonemic principles, which is usually more useful to ESL and EFL learners.

    However, one problem is native speaker literacy/native language arts requirements. These tend towards conservatism to the point of stopping any sort spelling reform of English.

    Also, as I've said before, students who are learning English have to learn enough of 'English pronunciation' in order for such a system as truespel to make sense.

  3. Also, please see the feature article on 'katakana eigo' here at ELT-J (if you haven't seen it already). Thanks for the comments.