11 February 2016


How well do you know American foods? Many people around the world think that they know American food because of the spread of fast-food worldwide. However, they may be in for a shock if they visit the US and find out that American cuisine goes beyond hamburgers, hotdogs, and large pizza. American food culture to quite an extent derives from European food culture. But there are also strong Native American, Mexican, African, and Asian influences as well. Sometimes when a foreign visitor thinks that a particular American food is 'unusual' it is because American food culture has retained a traditional food from somewhere else in the world. There is far more diversity in American cuisine than many people think. A lot of that diversity comes from the various cultures that have ended up in the American 'melting pot' or 'mosaic' (depending on which metaphor you prefer). Overlapping with the cultural diversity are also regional differences.

Test your knowledge of American foods and dishes with the photo collage below. How many of the 50 can you name? You can download the collage and answer sheet to print up and use with your own students.

I will post all the answers and discussion of some of the foods in the next blog post. 

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