06 April 2013

English Teaching in Japan

The final form of the book is set. Eighteen chapters. They are:

Chapter 1: Ten reasons why EFL in Japan fails

Chapter 2: Teaching as a foreign national at Japanese universities

Chapter 3: Teaching English / l / and / r / to EFL learners: a lexical approach

Chapter 4: Conceptualizing phonology for EFL learning and literacy

Chapter 5: Teaching and practicing phonological competence, phonological awareness, and phonics

Chapter 6: Writing systems across languages and cultures

Chapter 7: Schema theory: How relevant to EFL learning is it?

Chapter 8: A vocabulary development activity for the conversation class

Chapter 9: Semantic mapping activities for the writing class

Chapter 10: Writing tasks

Chapter 11: Semantic feature analysis

Chapter 12: Using pop songs in the EFL class

Chapter 13: Basics of vocabulary study for standardized language tests

Chapter 14: Devising multiple-choice questions, quizzes and tests

Chapter 15: Evaluation in the real world

Chapter 16: Using video and film in the EFL classroom

Chapter 17: Using dialogues more effectively

Chapter 18: The Visual Pronunciation Dictionary (VPD)


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    Thanks i like your blog very much , i come back most days to find new posts like this!Good effort.I learnt it.

    Teaching English In Korea

  2. Well I have decided to expand it into still yet more chapters. But I hope to have an e-book ready to go by the end of March 2014.