28 December 2012

More about the book, English Teaching in Japan

English Teaching in Japan

Ch. 1 Ten reasons why EFL in Japan fails

Ch. 2 Teaching English /l/ and /r/ to EFL learners: a lexical approach

Ch. 3 Conceptualizing phonology for EFL learning and literacy

Ch. 4 Teaching and practicing phonological competence, phonological awareness, and phonics

Ch. 5 Writing systems across languages and cultures

Ch. 6 Schema theory: How relevant to EFL learning is it?

Ch. 7 A vocabulary development activity for the conversation class

Ch. 8 Semantic mapping activities for the writing class

Ch. 9 Semantic feature analysis

Ch. 10 Using pop songs in the EFL class

Ch. 11 Basics of vocabulary study for standardized language tests

Ch. 12 Using video and film in the EFL classroom

Ch. 13 Devising multiple-choice questions, quizzes and tests

Ch. 14 Evaluation in the real world

Ch. 15 Writing tasks

Ch. 16 Using dialogues more effectively

Ch. 17 Teaching as a foreign national at Japanese universities

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