11 December 2010

ETS, TOEFL launch scholarship program for E. Asia

More and more E. Asian EFL learners take the TOEIC, which is also a test from the ETS. However, the TOEIC's development and history are quite different from the more famous TOEFL (although in terms of content the two tests are converging somewhat).

ETS has been embarassed by a shortage of test slots for Asian students (which prompted S. Koreans to call for the development of their own national EFL test) and technical glitches in attempting to makes its TOEFL computerized and online (which prompted many Japanese TOEFL takers to complain).

Perhaps to try and patch things up with E. Asians, ETS has launched a scholarship program. It basically amounts to a lottery for a small handful of winners.

Here is more information:

TOEFL® Scholarship Program Overview

A TOEFL® scholarship can help you study at any of the 7,500+ institutions listed in the TOEFL® Destinations Directory (PDF). The scholarship program is designed to award TOEFL test takers for achieving academic excellence, exhibiting leadership skills, performing extracurricular activities and demonstrating English-communication proficiency. TOEFL scholarships are currently available in China, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.
TOEFL® Scholarship Program in Japan

TOEFL Scholarship Program in Japan (日本語)

excerpt from Japan page:

2011 TOEFL Scholarships Available (Application Deadline: April 15, 2011)

    * Ten (10) $4,000 scholarships available for undergraduate or graduate study: two to colleges/universities in Australia, four to colleges/universities in the U.S., two to colleges/universities in Canada and two to colleges/universities in any other location

Download scholarship application form here.

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