17 May 2010

Bright Hub's TESL pages

There is plenty of content out there on the web that EFL teachers in Japan can adapt to their own classes.  Here is a sample, with excerpts and links, from Bright Hub .


Teach & Learn English (ESL)

The Top Ten Free English Listening Exercise Websites to Learn English

Listening exercises are an important element in learning English as a foreign language or English as a second language. Where can you find free English listening exercises? In this article we look at some possibilities.
Published by Larry M. Lynch (13803 pts) on May 13, 2010 to
Language Learning Articles

Creating an ESL Journal to Enhance Oral Reading

ESL journal writing can enhance teaching oral reading skills to children acquiring English as a second language by tracking various aspects of the student's reading, as well as scaffold their writing skills.
Published by Linda Neas (2940 pts) on May 13, 2010 to
Language Learning Articles

Teaching English Conversation

Conversation seems like it would be a basic skill when learning a new language, however, this is only if students intend to hold basic conversations. By integrating more intense topics and learning conversation tools, students will see their conversations go from blah, to wow.
Published by ksosa (2621 pts) on May 10, 2010 to
Language Learning Articles

The Functions of Adjectives and Adjective Phrases in English

Adjectives and adjective phrases perform four main grammatical functions in the English language. The following article lists the four functions of nouns and noun phrases and provides examples to illustrate usage. Also included is a printable study sheet of the grammatical functions.
Published by Heather Marie Kosur (18526 pts) on May 8, 2010 to
Language Learning Articles

ESL English Lesson Plans: Oxford Sight Words or Phonics to Improve Vocabulary?

You're planning your ESL English lesson plans - do you use phonics, Oxford sight words, or a blend of both to improve vocabulary in your ESL students? This article gives you the run down on using Oxford sight words as a useful strategy to improve vocabulary, and guides you to smart teaching choices.
Published by Anne Vize (19854 pts) on May 8, 2010 to
Language Learning Reviews

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